Wickham Road Shop

After my E Mail to see if member wanted the shop open on a Saturday morning, I have had several people state they do not know what is in the shop.

You could drop in on a Sunday morning and view / Look on the website page but to give you some idea the following is in the shop:-

1. Compost and Manure : Multipurpose compost, growbags, John Innes compost (seed & cutting and No. 3), farm and horse manure

2. Fertilisers : full range of granular fertilisers plus potting grit sharp sand and lime 

3. Weed Killers : assorted weed killers, insecticides and fungicides in both granular and liquid form (concentrated and in Ready to Use) and slug killers/protection against slug attack

4. Plant Feeds : Liquid concentrated plant feeds including Growmore, Tomato, Azalea and Seaweed

5. Pots and Seed trays : we stock a full range of pots from 2” to 11”, seed trays (including 12 and 20 cell trays) and gravel trays

6. Bamboo canes from 3’ to 8’ plus split canes 18” and 24”

7. Bird food : fatballs, bird seed and peanuts

8. Netting for peas/beans, crop protection net, fleece, Enviromesh, black and clear polythene, weed control fabric all sold by the metre

9. Plant labels, string, gloves, watering cans (and roses) and hanging basket liners (12” and 14”)

10. Seeds : Kings pictorial packets of seeds at 25% discount plus loose peas and beans a grass seed (sold by weight). 

Fareham Allotment & Garden Association
The aim of the Association is to provide facilities for residents of the borough of Fareham to cultivate allotments and to provide facilities for gardeners in the Fareham area.
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