Slug Pellets


The present Slug Pellets "Slug Killer" fall into the a regulations which ban them:-

The ban on the sale of products containing Metaldehyde (Which this Slug Killer has" in the retail context will start from 1st July. The NAA don’t consider that this should affect ‘members only’ facilities such as the trading facilities we run on the allotments. All stocks held by Associations and personally by your members must be used up within the 12 month period ending 30 June 2020.

The new Slug pellets are "Super Slug"

The difference is that the Slug Killer work's straight away and you could have seen the dead slugs but the new Super Slug works with the slug taking it back to where it lays and then dies so you MAY NOT see the dead slug (Works like rat poison).

Good News is we have these in the Shop's. In Fcat we sell the following in the shop's:-

Slug Pellets (800g) @ £2.15 per tub - until we run out of stockSlug Pellets (350g) @ £1.05 per tub - until we run out of stockSlug Killer Super (300g) @£2.97 per tubSlug Gel (Defence) 1 Ltr @ £2.38Slug Clear which makes 75 Ltrs @£4.65Slugstoppa Tape @ £3.99

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