Coronavirus Statement

Following the PM statement 23/3/20 relating to Coronavirus lockdown the situation relating to Allotments was confirmed by Michael Gove on BBC Breakfast 24/3/20. Therefore at this stage Fareham Allotment Association site will remain open as:-

  • We are allowed to go out for food and to many of our members that means going to the allotment to harvest what they have gro

  • We are allowed to go out once a day for exercise, but on our own unless it another family member

  • Parks will remain open for exercise . If this is the case then an allotment site is no different as people on their plots are well separated and if they are working on their plots they are getting exercise

However we recognise that a few rules needs to be followed:-
  • Both Shops (Gillies and Wickham Road) are closed until further notice

  • Both Toilets (Gillies and Wickham Road) are closed until further notice (This is due to the cleaning of them can not be guarantee)

  • You have to maintain the 2 metres social Distance

  • If you arrive by car then stay in your car until there is 2 metre social Distance

  • Do not use other members Tools or Equipment.

Whatever please Keep Safe

Steve Lucas 

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