Site Fees
Site Fees
Site Plans (Members Only)
  • Allotments can be rented on an annually renewable basis. Historically, plots are measured in sizes known as 'Rods'. A Rod is approximately 25.29 square metres.

  • Current rental cost

    2018/19 £5.75 per rod (approx. 25m2)

    2019/20 £7.50 per rod (approx. 25m2)    


If you are interested in a plot please contact the relevant Site Manager by email  - see About Us page for contact email

Non-plot holders are also welcome to join the association for a fee of £1.50 per annum.  New members will receive a card to allow them to purchase goods in the associations shops which offer good value on a range of goods and they can also register to gain full access to the web site.

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